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Various Artists
Disco Discharge: Europa

The highly acclaimed series returns for its third outing in late April to provide some sublime, class and a ’lil bit of Italo Disco sensibility to the middle of spring and should get everyone nicely tuned-up for the summer!

As with our previous European Disco releases, this album showcases some of the best European dance music of the 80’s and features 24 full length 12” or long album versions of many sought-after Euro-Disco classics and highly collectible gems.

CD 1 kicks of with a huge pan Euro smash – Taco’s 'Putting On The Ritz' and is then followed by such Euro masterpieces as Radiorama’s 'Hey Hey', Loco Loco’s 'Hey Mr DJ', Rose Lauren’s 'Africa (Voodoo Master)', Aleph’s 'Fly To Me' and Digital Emotion’s 'Go Go Yellow Screen' and even Baltimora’s worldwide smash 'Tarzan Boy' among others!

CD 2 continues the theme with a ridiculously eclectic election of sizzling hot Euro pounders! Jago’s 'I’m Gonna Go' gets us off to a beautiful start and is followed by such none household names as Cleo, Swan, Fancy, Lee Marrow, Brian Ice and Sweet Connection to name a few. Unless you were deep into the Euro scene at the time, there’s a very good chance that you will have missed many of these. It’s Disco Discharge’s job to put this right! I mean with titles like 'Upside Down (Dizzy Does It Make Me)' and 'Freak It Out Mr DJ' you know you’re in Disco Discharge territory!

Please note that this is a Non-Almighty product.


Disc 1
1. Taco — Puttin' On The Ritz (Original 12" Mix)
2. Radiorama — Hey Hey (Original 12" Mix)
3. Lian Ross — Say You'll Never Leave (Original 12" Mix)
4. Loco Loco — Hey Mr DJ (Original 12" Mix)
5. Rose Laurens — Africa (Voodoo Master) (Original 12" Mix)
6. Silver Pozzoli — Around My Dream (Original 12" Mix)
7. Baltimora — Tarzan Boy (Original 12" Mix)
8. Diviacchi — Waiting For Heaven (Original 12" Mix)
9. Jock Hattle Band — To Be Or Not To Be (Original 12" Mix)
10. Aleph — Fly To Me (RMX)
11. Digital Emotion — Go Go Yellow Screen (Original 12" Mix)

Disc 2
1. Jago — I'm Gonna Go (Original 12" Mix)
2. Cleo — Go Go Dynamo
3. Swan — Don't Talk About It (Original 12" Mix)
4. Lee Marrow — Mr Fantasy (Original 12" Mix)
5. Fancy — Bolero (Hold Me In Your Arms Tonight) (Original 12" Mix)
6. Brian Ice — Talking To The Night (Original 12" Mix)
7. Lili & Sussie — Oh Mama (Original 12" Mix)
8. Fun Fun — Living In Japan (Original 12" Mix)
9. Alan Barry — Tell Me The Reason (Original 12" Mix)
10. Sweet Connection — Need Your Passion (Original 12" Mix)
11. Vanessa — Upside Down (Dizzy Does It Make Me) (Original 12" Mix)
12. Dr Groove — Freak It Out Mr DJ (Original 12" Mix)
13. X Ray Connection — Get Ready (Original 12" Mix)