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Almighty Presents: We Love Wayne G

The Wayne G Mixes

Many talented remixers have been involved with Almighty over the years and we are pleased that Wayne G has been a regular collaborator since his glory days at London's world famous Heaven nightclub, where Wayne made himself a household name.  Wayne is now an international superstar DJ, partying around the world, demonstrating how his productions and remixes have always been of broad commercial appeal and global reach!  The unique sound he developed for theHeaven dancefloor made his dance mixes instantly recognisable, with his signature'hands in the air' sound stamped all over them.

Wayne G has recently contributed to several Almighty projects such as ‘2 Decades Of Dance’ and ‘We Love Stock, Aitken and Waterman’, remixing and producing several tracks.  Not forgotten is perhaps his biggest contribution - 'Ultimate Gay Anthems', which was made several years ago.  Almighty have also released singles under Funky G and Wayne G pseudonyms.

Wayne has always been popular with the Almighty fanbase, his trademark high energy sound is a constant best-seller, creating success with both modern hits such as 'Run' and classics such as 'Young Hearts Run Free' and 'I Can Fly'.  Almighty have cherry-picked the very best Wayne G mixes, many of which have not been available for a long time, and they are now compiled in one complete 'best of' set.

Almighty and Wayne G - the perfect combination!

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MP3 Album

1. Jamie Knight — Run (Wayne G Popjustice Mix)
2. Cinnamon Feat. Alisha King — Viva La Vida (Wayne G & Andy Allder Atlantis Anthem Mix)
3. Obsession — Always On My Mind (Wayne G Heavenly Club Mix)
4. Hannah Jones — Bridge Over Troubled Water (Wayne G Heaven Dub)
5. Belle Lawrence — Love In The First Degree (Wayne G & Porl Young Club Mix)
6. Deja Vu feat. Tasmin — To Deserve You (Wayne G Classic Club Mix)
7. Almighty VS. Belle Lawrence — I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor (Wayne G Popjustice Mix)
8. Respect feat. Hannah Jones — Young Hearts Run Free (Wayne G Mix)
9. Abbacadabra — The Visitors (Wayne G Circuit Anthem Mix)
10. Ignition-X — There Nothing I Won't Do (Wayne G & Porl Young Hands In The Air Mix)
11. Hannah Jones — You Only Have To Say You Love Me (Wayne G & Jamie Sanchez Poppy Downs Experience)
12. The Dream Girls — I Can Fly (Wayne G Heaven 12" Anthem Mix)