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3am featuring Tracey Cole
Somebody Told Me

Tracey Cole teams up with Almighty's 3am boys on this awesome new dance version of The Killers mega hit
'Somebody Told Me'.
The song has seen enormous chart success here in the UK and Almighty felt it would dance up brilliantly especially with some in house magic sprinkled on top and we think you'll agree that it not only works, but does overtime too.
The Almighty Anthem mix is the main set stormer here and is a useful addition to any discening DJs box.
Don't overlook the also included 'Spinnin' Round'
an original electro NRG workout that makes this package, sizzle just that little bit more!

MP3 Single

1. Somebody Told Me (Almighty Anthem Radio Edit)
2. Somebody Told Me (Almighty Anthem Mix)
3. Somebody Told Me (Almighty Anthem Dub)
4. Spinning 'Round