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by The Almighty Crew » Wed Jul 21, 2010 9:02 am

Technically it is possible to re-build a mix if all the ingredients are still around. But we would probably want to update them rather than have them just as they were.

10 -12 years ago all the effects came from outboard equipment now many of these similar effects are in the computer. They are similar (very, very, good) but they are not the same.

The DAT’s are another story. It is just not realistic to copy them all and back them up. There must be around 1000 -1500 of these tapes. You could copy 3- 4 a day in real time at least twice, if you had nothing else to do.

Our main priority is to get the remaining vocals off our 4 TASCAM DA 88 machines and backed up on DVD. One of these machines is just about alive!
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by Pokeymoke » Wed Jul 21, 2010 2:12 pm


Everything else can be sampled and tweaked via software and plug-ins.

Me: Macbook Pro, Logic 9, Ableton Live, Oxygen 8. All fits into my travel bag that I just throw over my shoulder. How sweet is that? You'd be surprised how great a little walk-in closet can be for recording vocals. :lol:
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