I Bet Almighty Will Work SMASHING On The Dancefloor!

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I Bet Almighty Will Work SMASHING On The Dancefloor!

by Loved Up » Thu Apr 06, 2006 1:28 pm

Superb! Simply superb!! This is really Almighty at their best! Belle's version of IBYLGOTD is as good as it can get! LOVE the vocals and the sound is fantastic! :o

Rochelle's Mouth is a MUST HAVE for everyone who hasn't got the original CD-Maxi!! I'm a bit confused that the Definitive Dub was left out??
The 2006 version is ok, but nothing can top the Definitive Mix, NOTHING!!! :wink:

Finally, I must say that the sound of Mouth 2006 is a bit "thin", as we have already discoused before, it's more towards the "definitive" sound of 2001/2002 which is rather lame and bad (if you aske me), so PLEASE Almighty stick to the sound of today or atleast make 2 version of the upcoming releases if you intended to go back to the 2001/2002 year-sound... :?
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