PODCAST - "The Business Of Music"

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PODCAST - "The Business Of Music"

by The Almighty Crew » Wed Apr 27, 2016 3:40 pm

This week we have discovered a wonderful new podcast on BBC Radio 4 that addresses the brutality of the music industry and how we've moved from the CD era to the streaming age. It takes opinions and anecdotes from record executives, music managers and famous musicians. For any aspiring musicians and industry enthusiasts out there reading this you absolutely have to hear this. There are two separate podcasts both at approx. 30 minutes. All it takes is an hour of your time to be educated in the ways of this forever changing industry. This is essential information that can help further your career. It allows you to not be played or perceived as naive when opportunities arise. We found this truly inspiring and almost heartbreaking. The figures mentioned throughout are very shocking. We want you guys to listen to this to help realise what has become of an industry that once ruled the world. All your support helps keep music companies such as ourselves going. Music is about support so we hope you guys enjoy this intriguing, and eye-opening podcast that really tackles the constant state of a wonderful industry.

Click below to listen...

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