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Re: Abbacadabra - 'We Love.....

by chance » Tue May 05, 2015 8:01 am

I love ABBA and Abbacadabra even more than the next guy but I have to agree with Susie that the world is just a bit ABBA'd out at this point. Almighty have remixed far more ABBA tracks than I ever would have dreamed of, including many of their songs that weren't big hits (The Day Before You Came, If It Wasn't For The Nights, On & On & On, Under Attack, Honey Honey.) I think there are only three tracks from ABBA Gold that Almighty haven't covered (I Have A Dream, Does Your Mother Know and Thank You For The Music.) Another album full of mostly album tracks and B-sides would be so niche as to be unprofitable for Almighty.
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